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What we believe in

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We are convinced that carefully planned communication can – if not exactly change the world – make a real difference. Behind the name Long Tall Sally you find us; people with different backgrounds and experiences from working with public relations and communication. Our goal is that our clients will reach their business objectives by building a strong brand and creating customer involvement. Our assignments differ when it comes to focus and extent and we have chosen to describe what we do as “Strategic PR and communication.”

Who we are

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We work every day with strategic public relations and communication for one reason only: we contribute to a positive difference for our clients. We at Long Tall Sally have long and broad experiences; from media, journalism, market communication, branding, advertising, marketing, rhetoric and design. Our assignments frequently involve strategies connected with CR and sustainability issues. The clients use our knowledge and experience of working with sustainable development for creating internal and external awareness of their efforts in this area, through communication activities.

And we enjoy every aspect of communication; be it the strategic, creative or operative parts of the job. Instead of making a long list of everything we do, let us put it like this: contact us and tell us about your challenges and we will develop a strategy together. (Read more under “What we do”.) We have no secrets; we believe in experience and common sense when we identify the optimal communication channels, messages, target groups and a clever way to launch the activities.

Long Tall Sally AB was established in 2001. Our office is located in the city center of Göteborg.

Curious about our work or how we can be of assistance? Please contact our managing director Stefan Kavsjö, +46-70-879 82 83,

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What we do

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We have a broad experience within the field of communication and a holistic approach to our assignments. We work with our clients from start to finish; from strategy to the practical launch and the follow-up – quite often with sustainability issues as part of the message. Communication strategies, press activities, content marketing which strengthens the brand and drives sales, visual identity, creative design, web based activities, magazines, brochures and advertising campaigns are just a few examples of what we do. Below, you can read more about some of our specialist areas.

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